Acquiring manufacturing tools for increasing the capacity at Antal Kft.

The Antal Kft applied for a tender within the frame of Economic Development and Innovation Operational Program, code: GINOP-1.2.1- 15, „Increase of capacity for micro-, small- and medium sized enterprises” on 24th july 2015. The Ministry of National Economy, as supporter, has imparted 144 404 495 HUF which is non-refundable, the official letter arrived at our company on 21th december, 2015.  The winner of the application „Acquiring of manufacturing tools for increasing the capacity at Antal Kft” ID number: GINOP-1.2.1- 15-2015- 00331, the Antal Kft. has invested all of the 144 404 495 HUF non-refundable support on acquiring manufacturing tools.

Project data

Name of benificiary: ANTAL Forgácsoló Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
Title of the project: “Gyártóeszközök beszerzése a kapacitásbővítés érdekében az Antal Kft-nél”
ID of the project: GINOP-1.2.1- 15-2015- 00331
Name of source: ERFA
Project implementation locations:
8868 Letenye, hrsz. 1804/6.
8360 Keszthely, Külső Zsidi út 1. hrsz. 4679.
Project budget: 412 584 272 Ft
Granted support: 144 404 495 Ft
Scale of support: 35%
Project implementation period: 2015.09.01. – 2016.08.31.

Short introduction of the projects content

The improvements purpose is the expanding of the equipmentpark and the increasing of the level of technoligies at the Antal Kft, including Keszthely and Letenye sites.

In the project there were acquirements of manufacturing machines as listed below:
(8 of Fronius TPS 5000 and 1 of Fronius TPS 2700 type), 1 of HELI diesel powered forklift, 1 of Daihen Varstroj type torchcutter, 1 of DURMA_TR type AD-S 40400 CNC SYNC sheetfolder to the site in Keszthely and 1 of TruLaser 3030 (L20) type lasercutter and 4 workcenters (2 of DOOSAN DNM 500II, 1 of DOOSAN DNM 750LII and 1 of DOOSAN VC 510 type)

The acquired machines, equipments bare with increasedd capacity, and are much more precis and fast, not to mention the shorter manufacturing time and so better shippingdates. With the realization of the project a modern manufacturing capacity has been implemented, the profile-expanding of the company has been made with the product-service palette widening. The Antal Kft. can serve broader needs of costumers, increasing the satisfaction of its partners.

Thanks to the development, ANTAL Kft. is able to ensure its profitable operation in the long term with the production of quality products, and the holding of the employees for a long-term. As a result of the project the company has been more recognized internationally and has increased in competitivness.