Private entrepreneur György Antal

György Antal launches his private company with one turning machine.


The first export

The company has already been able to perform export deliveries. We are still in business contact with  our  first ever foreign customer the Austrian IFE.  As a result of our reliable, high-quality production the number of foreign clients has continuously increased.


The establishment of Antal Ltd

Following the continuous mechanical and technological improvements the private company became a limited liability company in the April of 1999.


Buying VEGS Ltd

György Antal is the new owner of the company Vegs. www.vegs.hu


Opening a site in Letenye

We built our 600 m2 workshop at the premises of the Letenye Industrial Park. This workshop used the then latest technology, taking into account all standards and relied on the local and regional workforce.


Obtaining the welding qualification

Our company has obtained our first welding qualification.


ISO 9001

Our company has obtained the ISO 9001 qualification.


Expanding our factory

Following the continuous expansions the production area  reached the 1500 m2 in 2004.


Introducing an ERP system

The Mago ERP system was introduced at our company.


Expanding our factory

The production are reached 2100 m2 in 2009.


The Building of a new work shop

We opened a new 2200 m2 workshop, so the production area reached a total of 4300 m2.


New production controlling system

A new production controlling system was introduced at the company.


The latest expansion of the company

By 2016 the production area reached the 5100 m2.